Seeing Real

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Seeing Real - Enneagram Triad Test
Basic Components Feeling

The Basic Components triad describes the structure of our inner self. It identifies our three basic centers. These are the main contact points with our outer reality. Imbalance in these contact points has created a limited pattern that each type subconsciously expresses. Each imbalanced center is like a muscle that has been overdeveloped and overpowers the other centers.

Hornevian Assertive

The Hornevian triad is named after psychologist, Karen Horney. It identifies the tactics each type employs as it tries to get what it needs, from relationships and the surrounding environment.

Harmonic Competent

The Harmonic triad identifies the different ways we manage our lives when we don't get what we want or need. Loss and disappointment bring out our natural defense systems.

Dominant Affect Rejection

The Dominant Affect triad identifies an emotional background or underlying current that works below our conscious attention. It colors and affects all of our reactions and responses to life.

Breathing Inhale Too Much
Exhale Too Much
Don't Breathe Enough

The Breathing triad identifies patterns of breathing associated with the automatic expressions of each personality. The pattern is directly related to the energy that we exert as we react to each moment and experience.

Energy Flow Outward

The Energy Flow triad pinpoints the direction of the energy we burn defending ourselves. Each type props up an outside framework – "how others see us". This defensive posture usually results in an inefficient use of energy, increasing stress from being depleted.