Seeing Real

Learning to balance and change – WORK . LOVE . LIFE . YOU

On Ramps are different approaches to initiating a Seeing Real discussion. Each on ramp uses different analogies, videos, music, images, and exercises to ask questions and give fresh perspective.

Awareness Training

The busy our lives get the more unaware we become whether in the car, on the job, or at home. Asking these three questions can help train us to be more aware of each moment.

Where am I?

Who am I?

Who is around me?

These questions can crack the door on Seeing Real and bring more choice and freedom into everyday life.

The Secret Weapon

The secret weapon is a personality identifier called the Enneagram. It has been around at least since Homer wrote the Odyssey, 750 BC. It identifies and details nine different perspectives on living. With uncanny accuracy it can give us a view of the good and the bad of our personality, and builds a path to change and transformation.

E by 3

This is an introductory look at the Enneagram by exploring the different triads. Triads are different ways of dividing the nine into three groups of threes. It provides an overview of how the Enneagram works and provides a first step to connecting with one of the nine perspectives. The workshop includes a personality test based on the triads. The test helps point people in the right direction as they begin to explore the nine options.

Identifying Your Shape

As we begin to learn more about our personality we begin to identify an inner shape that becomes more visible as we identify patterns and habits that have been fogging our vision. This starts a process of bringing conformity with outside and inside. Conforming inside to out can relieve stress in work, love, and play. The Tibetan word for identity is “holding onto yourself.” In order to hold onto yourself, you have to know what to hold on to.

Personal Energy Conservation

Are you effectively using your inner resources? Is your personal energy sustainable? Seeing Real can also give us a clearer view of how we burn energy. As we begin to bring conformity to how we are on the inside to our outer shape we will live in a more effortless way. Whether it’s a wrong fit for a job or life’s demands simply piling up we can get new information and ideas about being more conscious of how we are using our personal inner resources.

You Are Here!

It is easy to get lost. Sometimes we need a map, but a map isn’t much use if we don’t know where we are. Seeing Real help can locate us. It can begin to give us a personal reference point. Circumstances will constantly be changing in our lives, but with a confident, familiar reference point we can have more choice in life. More choice leads to more freedom. More freedom leads to a fuller life.

Reaction or Response

Reactions work very well in on the basketball court, football field, or when the car in front of you slams on its brakes. But most of the time we react with out much thought and often in hind sight we wish we could take them back. Ironically those reactions can be a gift, giving us insight into things running right below our surface. Reactions are usually attached to patterns, habits, unresolved feelings, strongly held opinions, popping out of us without our permission. If we notice and follow those reactions below the surface we can find out important information on their cause. This can be the first step in turning our reactions into responses. Responses can replace reactions with thought and awareness.