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Posted by Mike | April - 5 - 2012 | Comments Off on Resurrection – Moment By Moment

A few years ago I decide to give up guilt and shame for lent. I found that it was very difficult to do. What I discovered was that guilt and shame were very closely connected with my Easter experiences. It is the time of year when we are encouraged to get serious with God. Year after year, we re-experience the pain and suffering that Christ endured (a point that should never be minimized or ignored). The goal being to remember the great price that was paid to gain our freedom (again, a point that should not be missed). One voice from the past, I can still clearly hear says, “With all that Christ did for you, the least you can do is . . .”. So, it seemed like what I had given up for lent was inextricably linked to this common Easter experience.

After we have been led on this grieving experience recounting the suffering of Jesus on the cross, Sunday comes. We celebrate the risen Christ, usually in a future, full of hope way. Over the years, I realized that I had become numb and disconnected from Easter. This was troublesome, it led to me feeling more guilt and shame for not be moved by the most important weekend in the life of a christian.

So after experiencing over 50 years of this process, I began to wonder if it was my fault.
(Being open to this thought, was only made possible by my giving up guilt and shame for lent). As I began to investigate, one thing I noticed, was the lack of any conversation about past life change, when people gathered for Easter. Given the powerfulness of the intervention of God sending his son to die on the cross, we seemed to not change that much from year to year. I began to see that there was not much now, about Easter.

I think it is because we have missed the now of Easter. I think most of us have developed a way of not living now, Easter just got caught up like everything else in our lives. One of the causes is the process of Easter actually depersonalizes our connection with the cross. None of us will ever experience anything close to the suffering Jesus endured, so it’s hard to imagine a personal way of experiencing the cross in our daily lives. That may be due to the fact that a clear truth about Easter remains hidden and disconnected.

The clear truth about Easter is the resurrection – life comes out of death. It is all around us. We celebrate Easter in spring, when everything outside comes alive. This is a particularly exhilarating time if you live in Minnesota. Winters can be harsh and cold, springtime ushers in warmth and life. Jesus came to bring new life. We can personally connect to Jesus’ Easter experience by applying the resurrection to today, moment-by moment. As time passes, no matter what happens in the passing moment, there is a chance for the next moment to be full of life. Each moment dies and the next moment comes alive.

Here is why we may have missed this clear truth, it cannot be understood in the same light as guilt and shame. The next moment cannot live if I’m feeling guilty or ashamed of the last moment. Looking backwards can only keep killing the next moments, sucking the potential life out of them. Looking forward can also create a disconnect from now. If I’m looking forward to something in the future, I can also kill the moment because I unavailable, un-present.

Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” So the true litmus test for truth is freedom. If that freedom can’t be experienced now, in this moment, it doesn’t pass for truth. God sent Jesus to bring new life, past, present, and future. The past and future don’t hold much meaning if that life isn’t possible right now. Jesus came to set us free, let’s start a new Easter experience connecting the resurrection into our right now. Then we could get together at least once a year and talk about how much more alive we are than last year.

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