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Posted by Mike | May - 15 - 2015 | Comments Off on Risk


God put everything at risk when he created us, even his ability to control what he had made. He did this for the very best of reasons – love. To love or be loved without any coercion or manipulation is the very best love. To be loved just because you are you, well, there is just no better way. God knew this when he created, risk was the only way to accomplish this.

The risk was that what he brought in to being might reject him. True love has to be chosen, has to be free. Risk and choice are a package deal. The most powerful act that God could do was to be vulnerable, to set his raw power aside and open the door for true love. It was the only way that men, women, and children could be apart of living in the world in the deepest, most alive way.   God put his life and character in us so we could risk, risk everything to love and be loved.

There is no greater pain than not being loved, we will do anything to avoid that hurt. But there is no greater joy than to be chosen to love. I can still remember the feeling of being on the playground and hear someone pick me for their team, or someone calling me to go out for coffee, or someone choosing to spend their life with you, even though love is not guaranteed. God passed his ability to risk on to us, so we could be the most alive. God shows his true power in being vulnerable.

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