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Posted by Mike | May - 27 - 2015 | Comments Off on The Most Important ?

There is a lot of mystery when it comes to God and how we relate to someone we can’t see, feel or touch. If we can find true things about God make mystery a little less mysterious.  Asking questions is the start to finding those true things about God that we can use as anchor points in our elusive relationship with the creator.

In my questioning process, I have a very important question to ask:  Did God create us with the power to change our identity with how we act, what we do, or what we believe?  If he did we have little hope of finding true life, being free.  We would be able to undo who he made us to be.  He gave us his very nature, his likeness to create new life by being alive where we are.  God’s love created us and is so powerful we could never undo it.  We can choose to reject it, ignore it, and live like it is not true.  But we could never make it not true.  God’s love is way too powerful to be undone by his creation.

If our ideas about God have created a story that tells us that through our actions we undid his purpose, we are telling a story that is wrong.  Without the true story we have simply lived our own version of the wrong story.  We could never do anything to change the true identity that God breathed alive in each one of us.  We can live in a way that looks like we are strangers to that identity.  But that simply does not change the DNA that God created us with.

My answer to the question is NO.  I could do anything to undo the purpose of God in me and his creation.

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