Seeing Real

Learning to balance and change – WORK . LOVE . LIFE . YOU

Seeing Real Layers

Outer Surface Layer — Large Groups

Introduction to Seeing Real concepts, asking questions, rolling out the secret weapon (the Enneagram), interactive presentations and discussions.

Below the Surface — large and small groups

After breaking through that first initial layer, the questions and discussion continue as we apply the Seeing Real concepts and begin to discuss the Enneagram in more detail. Questions and discussion take a more personal turn. Great for leadership & management training, conflict resolution, and personal growth.

Breaking Thru – Small Goups & One on One

After breaking thru the first two layers, questions are answered as we begin to personalize the Seeing Real concepts and the Enneagram. At this layer we help match each person with one of the nine personalities and take a more in depth look at transformation and change. Group and individual coaching is available.


Seeing Real can be applied to any company, group, system, church, or person. We are available for bringing our tools and ideas to consult on any problem or process, introducing and applying the Seeing Real concepts.